15 Free Nature Backgrounds for Greeting Cards

Nature backgrounds are great for connecting marketing campaigns to green themes and other natural concepts. But you have to be careful – too much “activity” can be distracting and the reader may miss your message when you incorporate them to greeting cards or postcards. It would be highly recommended to minimize the opacity of the images below to tone them down and make them less distracting to your message. The below selections balance several types of natural themes with just the right amount of space for your message, too. So sit back, browse and enjoy the scenery.


Mountain by ItsNature

Dolomite Mountains by WallPaperPimper

Snowy Mountains by BackgroundBandit

Sand Dunes 1 by Ms. Ryan


Queensland Rainforest Adventures by AustraliaAdventures

Spirit of the Rainforest by SocialWave

San Rafael Falls in Amazon Rainforest: Ecuador by Eric

Rainforest Canopy from the Ground by Daniel Beltra


Beautiful ocean view scenery Calamianes islands by KriyaYoga

Ocean by Vikitr

Ocean Backgrounds by 4photos

Ocean Wave by PathosBob42


Underwater Fish by AshleyD3

Underwater 6 by Green

Untitled by FranksUnderwaterSports

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